Gavin Klami

Gavin has been racing bikes since 2004 when he started competing in illegal messenger races, known as Alleycats, around New England. He was immediately hooked not only on the racing, but also the camaraderie of the other racers. It is these qualities that draw him back to racing, and to the NYCROSS team each year. Although not the fastest on a bike, he is great at getting dressed quickly and prides himself on always dragging himself to the finish line no matter how long it takes.
Gavin is a mechanical engineer by trade and has worked at Serotta in Saratoga Springs, partaking in all things bicycles. When not riding a bike, he enjoys the gravity of alpine skiing, is working on a SCUBA certification and trying to find new ways to increase his adrenaline.
His looks are not as uncommonly good as Mr. Q’s, but he’s pretty hot.