Brad Stratton

458842_4074227262297_1189445735_oBrad has been racing for NYCROSS since 2010, but got his start in cyclocross in 2009.  While he prefers the spectacle of cyclocross, Brad also dabbles in road racing in the spring and summer.  When not racing bikes, Brad makes maps and likes to eat. Food is his favorite.

Notable Results
2011 Kirkland CX – 3rd in Elite race
2011 Providence Cross Fest Day 1 – 7th in Cat 3 race
2011 Cycle-Smart International Day 1 – 2nd in Cat 3 race
2011 Staten CX – 7th in Elite race
2010 State Island CX – 3rd in Cat 3 race
2010 Bethlehem Cup – 1st in Cat 3/4 race
2010 Saratoga Spa CX – 4th in Cat 3/4 race