Andrew Franciosa

Andrew has been racing bikes since 2007 when he started competing in messenger races, known as Alleycats, around Albany. He was immediately hooked not only on the racing, but also the whole racing scene. It is this quality that draw him back to racing, and to the NYCROSS team each year. Although not the fastest on a bike, he is great at looking extremely pro and making others look shockingly pro in the photos he takes at the races.

Andrew also runs the local website called Keep Albany Boring, which aims to curate the best information and content about the Albany area, so it was a natural fit for KAB to be a sponsor of the NYCROSS team.

Andrew is a photographer by day and has shot everything from races, to NAHBS, to Serottas for their website. When not riding a bike, he enjoys the gravity of alpine skiing faster than Gavin and forming opinions about cycling that far exceed his ability.

His looks are uncommonly exceptional, exceeding those of both Q and Gavin.