Emma White CX National Champion…Again!

From Cyclocross Magazine:

A dominant performance by now two-time National Champion Emma White (nycross.com) left most of the 17-18 field in the dust even on the first lap. With a race strategy centered around her ability to start well, White snagged the holeshot early on and continued to build her lead, weaving around the 17-18 women. However, the race wasn’t strictly about White, and not far behind her, Tiziana DeHorney (Get Out! New Mexico) was also slicing between racers in the field that started ahead of them. About a minute back from White, DeHorney managed to maintain her position throughout the race. In the three lap race, the positions of the top five were determined early and stayed the same throughout the race, with White and DeHorney leading. They were followed by Laurel Rathbun (JET Cycling), Andrea Casebolt (Revel Consulting/Rad Racing NW) and Victoria Gates (JAM Fund).
White sped into the finish smiling, her victory all but assured from the first minutes of the race. Stay tuned for an interview with, as one announcer declared, “the girl who could be the next Katie Compton.”

From all your teammates at NYCROSS:  Congratulations Emma!

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