T-Shirt Emergency!

UPDATE, 11-8-2011:

Well, we have a winner!  The team has spoken and the strange and esoteric “TrashGoat” design by James Dutko won by a sizeable margin.  I don’t want to think too hard about what that says about our racers’ mental stability.  Moving on:  we are happy to announce that ALL who submitted a design will receive a consolation prize.  Plan to attend the Bethlehem Cup race this weekend and we will bestow it upon you with great fanfare.

Thanks to all who submitted.  It really was a tough call.

We are chagrined to report that, when checking up recently on the graphic design department at NYCROSS.com world headquarters to inquire as to the status of our 2011 T-Shirt design, we found them naked in a pool of their own excrement, huffing tire glue and listening to a scratched and skipping AC/DC LP (backwards), endlessly checking Adam Myerson’s Twitter feed. Now that we’ve fired the entire design department, we are appealing to you, interwebs, to design our shirt for us before the final race of the series in Bethlehem, NY on Nov. 13. Here’s the straight dope: Download the template and either design it, following the instructions on the form, in your favorite design program on your ‘pooter, or print the thing and have at it with magic markers or paint or, ideally, just white-out and blood (team colors).  Either upload your design by sending it as an e-mail attachment to Dr. G, or via snailmail to: D. Goodwin 1400 Washington Ave. Fine Arts 216 Albany, NY 12222 The winning design will be decided by a jury of distinguished critics (Team NYCROSS) and the winning designer will receive a $50 gift certificate to High Adventure Sports, plus a T-shirt in his or her size, of course. Deadline: Midnight, November 4, 2011 Download design template

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